jueves 09 noviembre 2017

(Español) Hablando en plata

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martes 07 noviembre 2017

The nearest local fashion

The agenda of fashion events linked to culture or heritage takes off in autumn. Now in November we recommend to you two plans where you will find the best design locally at more affordable prices. Don’ t miss them!

REC.0, new edition of the festival of pop up larger stores in Europe

All the arrangements are now ready for the district of Igualada Rec hosting a new edition the REC.0, retail experiment that has revolutionized this so emblematic city suburb through the radical sale of clothing and accessories from fashion brands and emerging designers at a local level within the old tanning factories. Not surprisingly, it has become the biggest festival of pop up stores in Europe with up to 100 brands installed in 50 temporary comercial áreas for only four days: from 8 to 11 November.

In this edition new brands are included that increase what this commercial and cultural event has to offer, such as Reebok, Quiksilver, DC, Boboli, Little Creative Factory, Sessùn or Furest. Also they confirm the presence of other small firms with local production as Bless the Mess, Nou Moscada,Maria Roch, Woody’s Barcelona or Colmillo de Morsa.

Indeed, one of the singularities that makes the REC.0 event unique is the convergence of large international firms with consolidated designers and local design. So in the same street of this industrial neighborhood the visitor can find the factories of the companies Levis, Adidas and Mango firms, with pop up stores from Catalan designers like Txell Miras, Miriam Ponsa or Josep Abril, companies with international presence here such as Antonio Miró, Punto Blanco or Castañer and small local firms that have an interesting story to tell. In this regard, the REC.0 is establishing six specific áreas for firms like Costalamel, Carlota Oms, SSIC and Paul, Pau Esteve, IKA Editions, Les Chausseurs, Dorotea, Loa, Rita Row or Kinetik Supply among others,who will provide what is a unique and differentiated offer.

We highlight the 080 Barcelona Fashion Award and REC.0 which the Catalan catwalk and the organization are encouraging to promote the presence of designers and emerging brands. This time the winning company Killing Weekend will provide the siting of a pop up store in the designers’ area during the four days of REC.0.
Finally it should be noted that apart from the fashion offer that continues to be the main axis of the REC.0, this temporary event is complemented by an extensive free cultural programme and offers a wide range of food for all audiences (and tastes).

Palo Alto Market brings together more than 100 emerging creative designers

The most emblematic market in the Poble Nou district of Barcelona is preparing a special edition focused on local design. On this occasion, Palo Alto Market will get together on 18 and 19 November some of the brands and designers with more than 100 emerging and independent creative talents, with which they share the same essence : crazy production, high quality fabrics, artisan spirit, traditional manufacturing techniques, sustainable processes and limited editions. The edition ‘High Design, Nice Price ‘opts for the philosophy # shopsmall, rediscovering and promoting local talent through an ethical, aesthetic and current consumption with exclusive designs from small producers, all designed and made in Barcelona.

Among participating fashion firms are companies such as Camper, Med Winds, Ika Editions, Miriam Ponsa, Josep Abril, Txell Miras or for contemporary jewelry Berta Sumpsi.

In addition, market– goers will also enjoy concerts by Paula Grande, the New Yorker Jonah Smith, the electronic pop duo North State or songs penned by Genís Pena.

jueves 02 noviembre 2017

Winter flowers

Often, it may seem that prints that belong to a particular season do not mix well with others. Maybe because “it’s not the right time” or because they are out of tune.  This is not true. This is the case with the floral print, one of the most popular and ubiquitous in the history of fashion.

On this occasion we focus on floral jacquards. These richly ornamental fabrics made in specialized looms that exhibit suggestive patterns and prints and are usually rich in colours, outlines and textures. Jacquards are usually reflected in tapestries, brocades, damasks, false plains and they are commonly seen in the textile world with multiple applications in fashion and interior design providing that vintage touch that makes them distinguished.

This season, several designers use upholstery fabrics to decorate autumn styles. Josep Font in DelPozo decorates coats and dresses with floral jacquards with soft reliefs and metallic threads. The firm Etro, whose prints are easily recognizable, present vibrant prints where flowers with other motifs in very bold colors prevail.  Erdem garments also surprise, with romantic floral motifs with a very British touch. In fact, this firm has collaborated with the Swedish giant low cost, H & M to launch a capsule collection that is already the rage in stores. Finally, the most rococo version of this pattern has been seen on the catwalk for Dolce & Gabbana in golden tones that give a more flamboyant look.

These are some examples seen on the catwalk. We invite you to come to the Gratacós store to see all the floral Jacquards we have at your disposal.

martes 24 octubre 2017

(Español) A solas con… Maria Roch

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jueves 19 octubre 2017

The Color Community: Synchro

In yet another edition the old Damm factory in Barcelona brought together the sensitive project The Color Community to publicize new trends in materials, textures and colours for the Spring / Summer season 2019. The initiative was organized by three multidisciplinary professionals, Eva Muñoz, designer and specialist in Colour & Trim, Pere Ortega, architect in Saeta Estudi and Rosa Pujol stylist in fabrics and colours at Gratacós, to inspire creative professionals from various fields such as art, fashion, design or architecture. “We do not want to instruct, but to suggest through a palette rich in colours and textures which is very upbeat and energetic , ” explained Rosa Pujol at the beginning of the presentation.

Rosa Pujol: “We do not want to instruct, but to suggest”

In fact, apart from the presentation of the four trends via a video with inspirational images ( parades, campaigns, front pages and still-lifes), other senses also played a role, such as that of hearing, with mood music and that of taste with the tasting of different ice creams, one for each trend. “We want to create a sensory path where all inputs generate different connections and help create a global vision”, declares Rosa Pujol.

This edition of The Color Community focuses on the concept of ‘Synchro’: the constant connection between people and disciplines and how they interrelate with each other . The proposal is articulated through four colour ranges and textures.


It makes reference to multicultural connections with colours and materials that refer to the exoticism of other distant cultures. It aims for a reinterpretation of the ethnic style. There are tribal motifs,tones that mimic spices, cultural graphism, irregular geometry, elements of pop culture and a range of vivid and intense colours with shades like fuchsia, purple, blue or leaf-green.


An emotional trend that connects technology and virtual reality with a touch of nostalgia for the past. Innovation inspired by retro. In this trend synthetic materials abound, with industrial references, iridescent fabrics or luminous fibres. The chromatic palette focuses on technical green, pale blue and greys that act as a bridge between palettes.

3.Me anymore

A calm, quiet and evocative style that aims to promote a pause for reflection and exalt silence. Soft textures without too many reliefs, watercolours, fine lines, multilayers and soft shades like pale pink, sky blue or white with beige tints add colour to this contemplative trend.


It refers to eccentricity, delirium and surrealism. It connects these fantastic worlds with a naïve aesthetic through vivid and bold colours. It is a free and spontaneous style influenced by the plastic arts where there are abundant shades of fuchsia, yellow, turquoise or bright orange.

Finally, this edition of The Color Community was dedicated to Juan Gratacós Ortiz, president of Gratacós in a tribute after his recent death. “My father has always been a lover of colour and textures and in some way he is still present among us , “explained his son Juan Gratacós, full of emotion.

martes 17 octubre 2017

Designers Fashion Experiences: Núria Sardà

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming to Gratacós Núria Sardà, designer for the women ‘s lingerie company, Andres Sarda. Nuria has continued the legacy of her father by maintaining the essence of the brand, one that combines sophistication, elegance and femininity with soft linen garments, lightweight shapes and fascinating colours that embellish every woman’s body. Within the framework of the conference Designers Fashion Experiences Nuria explained to those present the keys to success, which also deal with the adaptation and evolution of the brand to the new demands of the market. She left them with some valuable advice.

We interviewed Núria Sardà to learn about some of her concerns. Remember that you can recover the conversation we had last week on the website of Designers Fashion Experiences.

Why have you participated in the initiative Designers Fashion Experiences?

I like to support new designers as much as possible and these conferences seem to me a good reason for doing so. In addition the organization has given me a lot of confidence.

Andres Sarda has extensive professional experience which unites generations of the same family. What can you explain from your own experience?

Each person lives their own experience and it is always good to know it firsthand. In this day-session I have focused on the opportunities and also on some obstacles that I have had in my career.

I gather that your passion for design is inherited …

Not really, I never thought about dedicating myself to the world of design. I never chose this profession, but life led me to choose it .

“I never chose this profession, but life led me to choose it “

If you could go back in time, would you go back to design?

Yes, it’s a very stressful, fun and changeable job. It allows you to meet interesting people and tour the world. My daily routine is not strictly routine and allows me to express all my creativity. It is also true that it is a world where you are very exposed and your creations are judged severely by the company, the business world and lastly the customers. In this sense if everything goes well it is fantastic, but you also suffer because in each collection you put head, heart and soul. And there are many hours of work!

What obstacles are there in the fashion industry?

More than obstacles, I would call it circumstances. The offer, the distribution, the customers and their motivations. In this sector everything changes very quickly. We companies have to adapt to changes and advance according to to market movements.

“In every collection you put head, heart and soul”

Then adaptation is a tool that ensures survival. Which would you most emphasise?

From my point of view you need to have your personality in the creations, the quality and the reliability of the product and the company. This has to be coupled with adaptation and evolution of market needs, as I said previously.

What do you recommend to future designers?

That they should do what they do, make sure that their work is always original and that they contribute some innovation. Let them follow their instinct and never give up.

“We always have to look for excellence in everything we do”

Tips that might be a good leitmotiv…

Yes, we always have to look for excellence in everything we do.

martes 10 octubre 2017

The new black is navy blue

Each season the fashion industry is determined to find the ideal substitute for black, the eternal classic. And it seems that this year a firm candidate has been found that convinces both critics and consumers alike: navy blue. As Christian Dior said back in the day: “Of all the colours, navy blue is the only one that can compete with black presenting the same virtues”. Not surprisingly, the second prêt-à-porter proposal by Maria Grazia Chiuri, current creative director recovered the colour of the French dressmaker in a transgressive way and in feminist key in a collection where jeans shared the centre stage with romantic tulle dresses creating uniform which reflect this attitude.

Beyond Dior, this wildcard tonality reigns in the majority of looks to be seen on autumn catwalks, in sober proposals that are at the same time, sophisticated and very appropriate for men and women. In fact, this color unifies and dilutes gender. Carolina Herrera, Hermes, DelPozo, Balenciaga … are some of the big names who have surrendered to the charm of tonality of the sea.

How to wear navy blue?

This autumn the monobloc combinations are in, where the blue is diversified: from the deep and evocative ultramarine to brighter tones like blue Klein. Textures take over from the prints and play a key role in the combinations, always accompanied by precious details such as metallic threads, sequins or inlaid rhinestones. Also to be seen will be floral Jacquards, polka dot prints and embossed graphic motifs that create fun optical games.

To be highlighted. velvet finds in blue a powerful ally for sensuality. Thus, the most glamorous garments succumb to the soft and sumptuous feel of this fabric that is linked to the night and mystery. Finally, navy does not completely untie from its main competitor: black colour. So it is no wonder that this season there are plenty of combinations of these two dark shades, showing that, despite what has always been said, blue and black match together.

Find the navy fabrics of the new season on our website or in the Gratacós shop

jueves 05 octubre 2017

Gratacós in SS18 collections at the Madrid catwalk

Once the last edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (MBFWM) has ended, we like to look back at how our fabrics have staged some of the most iconic looks of the Spring-Summer collections 2018. For Gratacós it is very enriching to see how designers transform these raw materials into beautiful shapes that form part of their catalogue for next season. Sometimes these feature in original two piece outfits, baggy skirts with a suggestive drape or even, dresses with metallic sparkles.

These are some fabrics that we “spotted” in the 66th edition of the Madrid catwalk.

Isabel Nuñez, the sensuality of the Middle East

Isabel Nuñez is inspired by the Middle East to present a collection full of contrasts. Where there are traditions, but also innovation and super luxury. Antagonism of two worlds that the young Madrid born designer portrays with handcrafted garments full of shine together with other more minimalist lines and colors that evoke the desert. Our favourite is this draped dress with plunging neckline, very fluid used in the form of tunic elaborated with pearly foil. A silhouette that reminisces the sensuality and exoticism of the Arab princesses.

Juan Carlos Pajares, the most feminine sporty style

The winner of last year’s ‘Talent’ award for young talent surprises with a collection presented in a mechanic`s workshop in Madrid and bears no relation whatsoever with the Mercedes-Benz brand. The proposal of Juan Carlos Pajares inspired by the mechanics of modern life was full of sporty style female silhouettes with a chromatic range of bright colors like blue Klein or Barbie pink, aswell as orange, green and white. We fell in love with the looks made with our floral mikado.

Menchen Tomàs, multicolour fantasy

After her debut last year, Menchén Tomàs made a big impact on the Madrid catwalk with a risky proposition filled with amazing mixtures with different fabrics, colors and patterns that create a harmonious chaos. For example, fine striped patterns converge with flowers with patterns that are wrapped around the waist like a corset. Precisely this look that we show you in the image that captivated us. The printed poppy satin of the skirt with a side opening is part of our collection.

Moises Nieto and the Picasso muses

Gratacós also sneaked into the last parade of Moisés Nieto in a collection inspired by the muses who were part of Picasso’s love life. To understand this proposal, one must pay attention to the critical details and the unpredictable pattern of every look that function as a metaphor for the chaotic love life of the painter through a strong trapeze silhouette that evokes Picasso Cubist forms. The look that we show you is made with one of our fabrics with silver sequins.

Palomo Spain, masculine is also feminine

The young designer Alejandro Gomez Palomo of the Cordoba based firm is the architect of the “Palomo boys” whose fame transcends borders. Men who wear garments, fabrics and silhouettes linked up to now with women. In the XXI century, gender codes fuse and Palomo Spain has devised an ethic with aesthetics where men can be women regardless of their status. The Spring-Summer SS18 collection was presented at the Hotel Wellington in Madrid in a room where the models recreated characters within a plot linked to the world of music, cinema and musical theatre. Among the looks we loved this muslin with golden leaves.

martes 03 octubre 2017

The future of design

One of the most interesting events of the year on the design front with regard to trend research and exploration of new talents, is returning. This is the FOD, Future of Design Days  to be held in Barcelona on 7th and 8th October at the Mazda Space area located in the Born district. It is an initiative driven by the platform Piscolabis Designers,which supports young Catalan talents , and  which has our support and collaboration.

What is the Future of Design? What challenges do independent designers face? Who are the most interesting independent designers in Catalonia? What does the FOD need from Catalan Design? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in this second edition. To this end, the conferences will have the presence of prestigious professionals, creative designers and experts in fashion marketing who will offer attendees a series of master classes  and informative workshops so that young designers have tools to help them differentiate the product and  have a vision of the future and develop strategies to boost or strengthen their business. Apart from access to knowledge it is about creating a space where communication flows in both directions through discussion and enhancing networking. The conferences include the participation of  Laura Cleries from Elisava Research ; Francesca Tur from Trends TV ;  Úrsula Uria  from Nelly Rody ;  Isabelita Virtual and Arrels & Hey Studio, among other professionals.

In addition to conferences and workshops, there will also be an exhibition of more than 300 unique products from a selection of 40 independent designers from Barcelona that will be on temporary display. On this occasion, the interior designer Luca Brucculeri has designed the layout of the exhibition together with Marcelo Vilá and Complás,  which has been in charge of the decorative elements.

Other activities to emphasize are a photographic exhibition which will feature the creative process of several designers, the screening of the winning fashion films presented in the first edition of the Fashion Film Festival of Barcelona, and the presentation of FOD Awards for the best design in fashion and accessories.

You will find all the  information  explained in detail on the website of FOD,  Future of Design Days. Run and get your tickets!

martes 26 septiembre 2017

A New Talent…Acuarela Beard

Who am I?

I define myself as a point of light trying to illuminate empty spaces through my clothes.

Where do I study?

I have just completed my degree in LCI Barcelona School of Design.

What have I specialized in?

I opted for general knowledge of the world of fashion as communication, design and pattern.

What is my style?

The best words to define it would be romantic and simple.

How will you recognize me?

When you see a tulle fabric in pale pink and gold … then you know it must be me.

What is my project?

The collection of my final project is called ‘Light in Space’ and talks about the mysteries of the children of lux. Those who have been sent to our planet to bring love, purity and wisdom to humanity. This inspiration is reflected in the colors and transparencies that remind us of the ethereal. That state of intermediate manifestation, between material and spiritual.

Where you can follow my tracks?

I am currently preparing for my next goal: to do a Master’s degree linked to fashion advertising.  I also want to travel and learn different ways of working within the sector.

Where do I expect you to see me?

I hope that you see my creation in today ‘s woman: a woman who is determined but dreamy, practical but romantic.

Remember my name because …

Each of my garments should transmit magic, light and colour in a world that lacks it.

Gratacós for me …

Is the only place where purity becomes tulle, the constellations become paillettes and dreams becomeo beautiful gauzes full of light and colour.

I’ll buy it from the shop …

Embroidery of pale pink rhinestones to turn it into a loose palazzo-style mono that will be part of my next project.

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