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Monday 23 March 2015

Gratacós presents its fabrics in Casablanca

Once again we have packed our bags to continue our travels, this time to Morocco. Here is where the most important textile fair in North Africa, Marocco Style, Fashion and Tex took place. We were there together with many other companies from the international fashion industry participating to present our articles, the fabrics that will be in fashion in the upcoming seasons.


Casablanca is the largest city in Marocco and also has the main port which accounts for 80% of the countries´commerce. Thanks to their location, this fair is gaining more and more importance in the fashion and textile world.

From the 10th to 12th March, visitors have flocked from the Middle East, the Gulf, Europe, Russia and many other countries of the world. An opportunity for us to continue expanding our brand and position the Gratacós fabrics in all parts of the world.


For us, this is the start of a big friendship with the fair Marocco Style, Fashion and Tex.

We will keep you updated.

Wednesday 04 March 2015

Raimon Bundó

A few days ago the fashion world mourned the loss of another of the most talented designers in Spain, Raimon Bundó, founder of the bridal fashion brand that carries his name.

Photo: JAE - Informativos.Net

It was in 1969 when he set up the company which became one of the great predecessors of prêt-à-porter in the bridal fashion world. An outstanding designer and better person who dedicated his life to his great passion. He managed to introduce his brand in up to 30 countries and position himself as competition for large companies such as Rosa Clará or Pronovias.

From Gratacós we just want to thank him for his work, inspiration and the legacy he has left behind in the Spanish fashion world.

R.I.P. Raimon Bundó.

Monday 23 February 2015

Gratacós exhibits their fabrics in Premiere Vision Paris

31 editions later, Gratacós is still present and giving it all at the Premiere Vision Paris fair. An event we look forward to each year to show the fabrics from our new collections. We always come back from the fair with a good feeling and pleased with the result.


This year, as always our presence at the fair has not gone unnoticed. Thanks to the 10 people working on our stand that made each and every one of our clients feel the warm welcome of our fabrics and capture the essence of Gratacós.


This fabric fair in Paris brings together each year more and more people from all over. Customers from the 5 continents that travel to discover the novelties that will be tendency for the upcoming season and that have been welcomed under the slogan “Heres fashion comes to life”. We love it.

Furthermore, in this edition, more than ever, we have noticed the presence of Asian customers who are increasingly interested in the novelties of European fashion.




In Gratacós, we are very happy with our participation in Premiere Vision Paris. Our customers are delighted with the novelties we are exhibiting and we are back feeling very eager to continue innovating and to show our fabrics to other corners of the world.

Monday 09 February 2015

Gratacós goes back to Munich and is there to stay

Once again this year we have exhibited at the international fair Munich Start. We have been attending this fair for four years now and it has been an opportunity to present the new fabrics which will be in fashion next season. And this time with more novelties than ever.


This time our visit to Germany has been to gain a foothold and establish the presence of Gratacós in this country, with the opening of an agency that represents our fabrics (Ralph Fuhrmann).

In Gratacós, we have taken a step further to continue expanding our presence on an international level and to introduce our fabrics in many other countries.



We are now back and are very happy to transport the passion we have for our work and the results it brings with it to other places. In this way we give the international fashion world a bit more of ourselves every time.

Friday 30 January 2015

Gratacós supports young designers in 080 BFW

080 Barcelona Fashion Week is back for another edition. Plenty of novelties and fresh young talent determined to make a strong impression and gain a foothold in the world of fashion. And it is in this way that our fabrics are back on the catwalks with two designers that will give plenty to talk about. All positive.


Manuel Bolaño is without a doubt one of the most awaited for designers on the Catalan catwalk. As he himself says, he has a show prepared to present his collection “Palomo Cojo” for the upcoming season Autumn Winter 15/16. And moreover he is using Gratacós fabrics.

We are also anxious to see the designs presented by Pedro Covelo on the Modafad catwalk, winner of the last edition. We are sure this young designer will go as far as he wishes to and we also support him fully.


We will be there, in the first row as we do not to miss a thing. If you would also like to attend, you are in luck, because we are GIVING AWAY TWO DOUBLE PASSES; one for the Manuel Bolaño fashion show and the other for Pedro Covelo.

Manuel Bolaño: Wednesday 4th February (4pm)

Pedro Covelo: Thursday 5th February (7pm)

¿How to participate?

Leave a message in this image (here) saying which of the two shows you would like to attend. All those who participate will take part in the draw. You have until Tuesday 2nd February at 2pm to participate.   Shortly after, we will publish the names of the winners on Facebook.

The passes can be collected at the Gratacós shop, in Calle Pau Claris 162 – piso 2º, Barcelona. (Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm)

Good luck to you all, we’ll see you at 080!

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Further price reductions at the Gratacós shop

Yes, you heard correctly, in Gratacós we want you all to show off our new accessories so we have reduced our sales prices even further. Just because we fancied it and because we want to see you in our new shop in Calle Pau Claris 162 – 2º.




Party bags made by the brand 73 by Elliot Mann, and other designers. Also,necklaces, shawls, headdresses, hats, scarves and many more accessories with up to 50% and 70% off.


If you cannot quite believe it, we will give you an example of some of the best prices we have in the shop. And if you want to see more, you know what you need to do. Come to our shop and we will be delighted to see you and show you our fantastic sales.

Friday 23 January 2015

Special outlet for fabrics and bridal accessories

In Gratacós we think there is no better way to end the month of January than with a little surprise that brightens up our day. Especially if you are thinking of getting married and are currently in search of your bridal dress. In order to make the dress you have always imagined yourself in, you will need the perfect fabric, and that’s where we come in.

As from next Tuesday 27th January, in our shop in Pau Claris we are putting on an outlet for fabrics and bridal accessories. Here you will be able to find all types of bridal fabrics; from brocades, jacquards, laces or sequins; to a variety of plains such as satin, taffeta, silk or crepes. All these fabrics in a range of white and ivory colours.


If you wanted choice, then Gratacós can offer it to you.

Furthermore, we have a large variety of complements and bridal accessories. From lace fans, to headbands and organza gloves, aswell as headdresses made by hand by designers such as Julio Quijano or Anna Blau, amongst others.



If however you are one of the ones who are waiting to see the new bridal collection, you will have to wait a little longer. We will launch it in March when we move to the new Gratacós shop.

Just to remind you, you can visit the Outlet as from Tuesday 27th at our store in Pau Claris, level 2 – Barcelona. We look forward to seeing you there and showing you all the fabrics.

Wednesday 21 January 2015

New edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week 2015

This year, the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week has made an impressive debut and people are already talking about the young designers who once again have the opportunity to present their collections and introduce themselves into the world of fashion. Furthermore, this new edition is full of surprises and one of them – if not the most important – is the new award for these emerging young talents.


The Generalitat de Catalunya National Award to emerging design 080 BFW.

The objective of this 20.000€ prize is recognition of the talent of these designers and the diffusion and notoriety of the winning brand. It is also recognition of Catalan fashion in general, both at a national and international level.

This 15th edition of the 080 fashion show will take place from the 2nd to 5th February in the Maritime Museum in Barcelona – DrassanesReials. A space which is being prepared and converted to accommodate the maximum number of people possible during these 4 days.


From Gratacós, we will be present at the show offering our support to those young talents who work so hard to find their place in the fashion industry. We are already very impatient to see all the novelties.

Friday 09 January 2015

Patterns made from photos of people

This is how we summarize the work carried out by the Chinese artist Zhang Bojun. “Us” is a set of images that embody the day to day life of the Chinese community. The migration, the movement and every day dreams in this big City.


 Every day, for 7 years, Zhang took photos of people in the City. He took pictures of anyone regardless of their characteristics and not looking for anything in particular. Photographs which are open to interpretation, but for him every person is a mirror in which he sees himself reflected. This empathy has led him to understand what he refers to as “mechanism for survival and social hierarchy” and transform them into visual patterns.

 And in this way he started this incredible project in which he uses the photographs to give shape to fabric patterns such as tartan, stripes, prints or houndstooth.




To encounter a project like this has fascinated us. A precise, difficult job carried out very professionally by Zhang Boju. There is no better way to give him recognition than sharing it with you on our blog.

What do you think of this very difficult and ambitious project?



Wednesday 17 December 2014

Gratacós opens their new space in Pau Claris 162

A new space and a new way of displaying our fabrics. A more personal and direct touch but with the same willingness. From now on and until we present our official new shop, you can find us in our Pop-Up Store, in Pau Claris 162, 2nd floor. We are anxious for you to come and see it.

Publicidad Period_281x350.indd

Furthermore, we have more opportunities and surprises planned for our customers.   You can benefit from huge savings on our current season fabrics which we are selling at cost price, aswell as a large range of matching accessories.

The new opening hours are as follows;

Monday to Friday: from 10am to 6pm 
Saturdays: from 10am to 2pm

This new change of space brings with it a change in décor and ambience and we are delighted with the results. We hope that when you see it, you too will be surprised and it is to your liking.

If you have not had a chance to come and see us yet, we will share with you a few photos of the new Gratacós Pop-Up Store.







We are still here in Barcelona, we have not gone far away, so we will wait for you here with our fabrics and our arms wide open, excited to show you what we have prepared.