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Tuesday 22 April 2014

The hat week in Gratacós

After a few days rest, we are back and reenergized to see the start of Hat Week.  From the 24th to the 27th April, there are various activities taking place in which you can participate.

Setmana del Barret de Barcelona_Gratacos

This is a week dedicated to fashion, garment making, handicraft and the star accessory, the hat.

Activities in the Gratacós shop:

24th, 25th and 26th AprilDemo workshop on how to make headdresses carried out by Anna Blau, Julio Quijano and the EDRA school.

26th April – Headress workshop carried out by Beatriz Parras, from the company Secretos de Alcoba.  The workshop will take place at 3 different times throughout the day:

10’00 a 12’00 // 12’00 a 14’00 // 16’00 a 18’00

- Limited spaces.  Those interested in assisting should call 93 368 6168 and register. The workshops are free.

26th April – In the afternoon Pablo and Mayaya will present their collection.

27th April- Hat Parade. Meeting point: Gratacós at 11am.

Setmana del Barret de Barcelona_Gratacos

We encourage you to come to our shop and take part in all the activities we have prepared.  That’s it, all that is left is to enjoy the Hat Week in Barcelona.

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Shop window competition “Conde de Godó” tennis tournament

For 62 years now, Barcelona has been hosting the Barcelona Open Bank Sabadell tennis tournament Conde de Godó.  During two whole weeks, Barcelona becomes the tennis capital worldwide.  Emblematic streets of the city such as Paseo de Gracia take part in this event by organizing a shop window competition that combines sport and elegance.

The initiative involves decorating the shop windows in Paseo de Gracia in a tennis theme, as a show of support and cooperation for this tournament which brings together all Barcelona citizens. 

Aparador Godó 2014

We too feel involved as our shop will be one of the participants of the competition.  We have always liked decorating our shop window and even more so when it is to support an event like this one.

We have everything ready, and have set up the new shop window with objects related to the tournament, which you can now come and see in the Gratacós shop.

Aparador Godó 2014

Aparador Godó 2014

Aparador Godó 2014

Aparador Godó 2014

Aparador Godó 2014

Aparador Godó 2014

Furthermore, photos of all the shop windows will be published on the official Facebook page of the tournament.  The photo with most “likes” will win the prize for most original and elaborated shop window and receive a VIP entrance for the final on the 27th April.

We hope to see you soon at the Gratacós shop.  We are ready to give it all in the competition.

Friday 11 April 2014

A Sunday full of celebrations in Gratacós

13th April. Sunday.  End of lent. Easter week.  Palm leaves.  Processions.  Resolutions.  And people.  Lots of people celebrating an important day.  One of those days marked in the calender which we look forward to even more each year.  Palm Sunday.

And this year, we are going to celebrate like always.  Having fun.  As with all important dates, we make the most of it and get dressed up.

This is why we wanted to tell you about two different accessories we have available for this special day.  Available for both his and her, these accessories subtly give that personal, elegant touch to any look.

Bow ties. By far the best accessory this season and which has now upstaged the traditional tie.  These designs by the brand Bond&Burlington are some of the models you can find in our shop in Paseo de Gracia.

Gratacos pajarita 2

Gratacos pajarita

And flowers.  Feminine and charming, they are one of the most natural reflections of a woman.  This explains why these flowers made with silk chiffon by the French brand Cecile Boccara are one of our top accessories that can be used as a broche, on your wrist, in your hair or as you please.

flores gratacos

We are ready for these upcoming days of celebration and we hope that you too will enjoy yourselves whatever you decide to do.

Friday 04 April 2014

Hat competition between EDRA students

In Gratacós, we like to carry out all types of initiatives that promote knowledge and creativity in fashion.  For this reason, as it is the “Hat Parade Week”, we are launching a hat competition amongst the students of the art school EDRA.

Concurso diseño de sombreros_gratacos

The participants have been given for inspiration 5 different fabrics from the Gratacós range.  The objective is to create something special and put into practice their designs, which they have been working on since January.

Concurso diseño de sombreros_gratacos_2

The finalists – who will be chosen by the school themselves – get to exhibit their hats in the Gratacós shop window from the 5th to the 10th April.  Then an expert judge will announce the winner, who will be awarded 500€ to continue their studies.

During these 5 days, we will also feature the finalists’ work on the social networks so that you can vote for the designs you most like.

We are thrilled with this initiative and to see the participants so involved.  That’s why we are impatient to see the finalists’ designs. 

You can come and see the hats at our shop in Paseo de Gracia, we will be delighted to see you.

Remember they will only be on display for 5 days and time flies.

Tuesday 01 April 2014

Fashion trends workshop with Úrsula Claveras

Last Friday, for the 6th year running, we held the Fashion Trends Workshop for young students from the Design Schools.  The keynote speaker this time was Úrsula Claveras, Spanish representative of the French laboratory for trends Nelly Rody.


Úrsula spoke in two conferences about fabric trends that were present in the International Fair Premiere Vision Paris and which will determine what will be in fashion next season Spring-Summer 2015.



A total of 40 students took part in the workshop, which turned an otherwise ordinary Friday into a day full of fabrics, textures, colours, fashion and learning, all guided by one of the best trend catchers.

And it seems that the students were not the only ones to hear about our Fashion Trends workshop.  The newspaper “La Vanguardia” wrote an article about it titledGratacós reveals the Spring-Summer 2015 trends to design students”.  The article talks about the main subjects brought up, both from our keynote speaker and by Gratacós.

Gratacos_Charlamoda5All we have left to do is to thank Úrsula Claveras for her involvement, willingness and everything she has shown us.  We are impressed with her conferences and we hope our students are too.

Thursday 27 March 2014

The fabric, the silk, a talented artist, a shop window and a display you cannot miss.

These are the ingredients.  The result of uniting them together can be seen at our shop in Paseo de Gràcia in the upcoming week


ligiaunanue2 We are sure you have heard of the talented artist Ligia Unanue and her range Atmósfera Seda (Silk Atmosphere).  A while back, we talked about her and we liked her so much that its the second time round.

We have transferred her atmosphere, her Silk universe and suspended geometric figures to our shop window so everyone can enjoy the sweetness, subtleness and poetry that her work oozes.

Atmósfera Seda is made mostly using one of the Gratacós Fabrics – Silk organza.  This fabric should be handled with care and by experimented persons who are able to dominate the fabric and achieve the best results.  Ligia has a very personal relationship with silk in a manner that both bring out the best in each other.   The result is this jewel.


ligiaunanue4The collection is made up of 8 pieces that invite us on a visual tour based on geometric shapes, symmetry, transparencies, colours and reflections.

In this way, Ligia has designed the shop window with a special creativity that allows us into her world, inviting us to be part of it, to let our sense run free and come to our own conclusions about this fantastic experience.

If you feel in the mood, the doors to Gratacós and the Ligia Unanue universe doors are wide open for you. 

We will see you soon.

Wednesday 26 March 2014

The documentary on Teresa Helbig

We already told you about it and now we are following up.  Last Sunday a documentary on the Catalan designer Teresa Helbig was broadcasted and we got to see her as she really is, the way she works and how she creates her designs.  It is now available to watch online.  teresa_helbig_gratacos

It comes to a surprise that she has never studied anything related to fashion or garment confection and still has managed to become one of the big names in Spanish designers and an example to follow in design schools such as IED Design School in Barcelona.

In 2009 she won the Barcelona Esmoda award for best professional career, and she has gradually fought to live her dream.  A dream to live and breathe fashion.

What better than watch the documentary for yourselves and discover everything this designer has to say about her experiences and the steps she has taken to get where she is today.

If you did not get a chance to see it on television, you can now watch it online whenever you like.

Teresa Helbig is living proof that with determination and effort we can achieve our dreams.


Monday 24 March 2014

New accessories in Gratacós: hand-made necklace

We have a confession.  We love things made by hand. And even more so if they are part of fashion, design or accessories.  Because fashion is a fast moving business where new things happen every day which surprise you and make you fall in love again and again.

Collares hechos a mano_Gratacos1

And this is precisely what has happened to us with these necklaces. These pieces of jewelry are designed and hand made by Dori Csengeri who inspired herself in fashion and art to make high end impeccable designs which are not only well defined but also ooze personality.

Collares hechos a mano_Gratacos2

As she says herself, “the woman who wears these designs is someone who knows what she wants, with a certain taste and a defined personality”.

For this reason it is not surprising that high quality brands have teamed up with her so she can continue producing these authentic jewels.   Swarovski for example has been working with her on different collections since 2012.

Now her designs are part of the Gratacós family.

You can find these necklaces in the shop in Paseo de Gracia, aswell as a selection of other accessories we are sure you will like.

We will see you there.

Friday 21 March 2014

An interview with Teresa Helbig

If you have not heard of her already, this Sunday you will get the opportunity to meet one of the most prestigious Catalan designers of the moment for wedding and party dresses.


Her feminine style designs are both elegant and sophisticated.  Teresa Helbig impregnates each and every one of her garments with personality and good taste achieving unique dresses that endure over time, regardless of fashion and passing seasons.

This is why you should not miss the interview RTVE Channel 2 is broadcasting this Sunday 23rd March at 12.30pm. Teresa will give us an insight into her work, how she creates and develops designs in her Barcelona workshop and how she experiments with the best fabrics to achieve the desired effect.


Gratacós were actually interviewed for the report and asked to talk about our relationship with Teresa Helbig and our fabrics.  For many years, she has been responsible for dressing the mannequins in the Gratacós shop window.

As we have mentioned on previous occasions, we love being close to such talented designers who make the fashion world much bigger every day.

If you want to hear all about what we said, make sure to watch it from start to finish.

We’ll see you on the TV.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Happy Fathers day to the most important man in your life.

Today is Fathers Day.  The day to celebrate the most important man in your life.  The father of your children.

Today you will feel like giving him a big hug and tell him how much you love him.  Not that tomorrow you won’t feel the same, but today is the official day.

We all know that for a father there is no better present than a hug from the apple of his eye.  This goes without saying, but if we want it to be even more special than ever, let us give you a few ideas.

pajaritas gratacós

Those with refined taste will be glad to hear that now bow ties are back in fashion.

These are not just any bow ties.  They are made by the prestigious brand Bond& Burlington and are an exclusive and limited collection for Gratacós.

Because if your father is one of a kind, his present should be also, don’t you think?

If you have not chosen yet your present and you would like to see your father looking this smart, then come to our shop in Paseo de Gracia.  We can show you the collection and show you how to wear them with style.


If you don’t have time, don’t forget that a hug and to say “iloveyoudad” never fail.


Happy Fathers day.