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Friday 08 August 2014

Hermés and the scarf culture

Hermés are not only famous bags known worldwide, but also the ultimate icon in the world of fashion. Every day they surprise us with new ideas. Their last proposal was to encourage women to use scarves and attract them to this culture.


In order to achieve this, they created Silk Knots App, a mobile applicatiomn with thousands of ideas to wear this versatile accessory. It includes various short videos that show you step by step how to tie a scarf and different unimaginable ways to wear it.

They recently updated this application to present the Spring-Summer 2014 collection in which you can see in much further detail aswell as the videos published on the Internet.

We cannot deny that we feel fascinated by these charming scarves and they are difficult to resist when in comes to choosing fashion accessories. Proof of this is our latest collection of exclusive scarves Love Gratacos on show in our shop in Paseo de Gracia.


We like this application a lot, and whether it be with Hermes or Gratacos scarves, it will come in handy to wear this feminine and charming accessory any time of the year.

We hope to see you soon in our shop in Paseo de Gracia, where you can see our exclusive collection and we can also offer you some simple tips.

Friday 25 July 2014

Gratacós exhibits once again at Premiere Vision New York 2014

This year, like every year, we have travelled to the Big Apple to Premiere Vision New York to present our collection of fabrics for the upcoming season Autumn Winter 2015/16. This is one of the most important trade fairs in the textile sector for spotting trends for the upcoming seasons.

We did not want to miss this important date. It represents an opportunity for us to continue expanding and show our work. We are proud to say that we are the only Spanish company who attends this fair, which in one year has increased its number of exhibitors by 15%. This is all the more encouragement for us to continue attending.

Premiere-Vision NY-Gratacos_Feria_01

Designers, lovers of fabrics and specialists in the world of fashion travel to New York to see, touch and start conjuring up their designs for a season which might seem a long way off, but which we have had ready for some time now.

Furthermore, in this edition we were pleasantly surprised to have been assigned a new location -Pier 92-. The fantastic views we had on these intense two days made the work very enjoyable.

Premiere-Vision NY-Gratacos_vistas-3

Premiere-Vision NY-Gratacos_vistas-2

And even more so when you see that the effort and work that has gone into this new collection pays off and you get positive feedback and comments. We have come back from New York a lot more motivated than we were.

Premiere-Vision NY-Gratacos_Feria_1

Premiere-Vision NY-Gratacos_Feria_2

Premiere-Vision NY-Gratacos_Feria_3

We have come back with our batteries recharged and eager to show all the collections we have ready for the upcoming seasons. But all in good time. In the meantime you can continue enjoying our numerous fabrics in the Gratacós shop in Paseo de Gracia. We look forward to seeing you there.

Thursday 10 July 2014

“The boy with sad eyes” by Manel Bolaño features in the 080 Barcelona Fashion event

The Manuel Bolaño catwalk show took place last Saturday, 5th July on the 080 Barcelona Fashion event.  The Catalan designer presented his designs for the next spring-summer season 2015.  A collection which stirred many emotions.


Manuel Bolaño invaded the catwalk with his show “The boy with sad eyes”.  With a 90’s look, his designs were inspired in the image of a boy who collected butterflies and was in love with a witch who sought after plants for her spells.

The little details and accessories have been an essential part of his collection in order to complete the 27 different models presented during this fashion week.

YouTube Preview Image

This video by Efe Estilo shows some of the moments we enjoyed of the show.

We are fascinated by this new collection and his unique way of combining and giving shape to the fabrics.  We are proud to say that the fabrics were by Gratacós.

This young designer does not cease to amaze us season after season. We simply hope that the fashion will continue being as lucky to enjoy his talent and designs.

¡Congratulations Manuel!

Tuesday 08 July 2014

Silver ARTFAD award goes to Kima Guitart

Last Tuesday, 1st July, the ARTFAD awards ceremony took place in Barcelona.  These awards for contemporary arts and crafts are held both nationally and internationally and seek to stimulate investigation, creation and excellence in the field of applied arts.  It is aimed at visual artists, students and professional artisans of all types who want to participate.


And this year we received a nice surprise.

Recently we talked about Kima Guitart in one of posts.  She is one of the designers of our exclusive scarves collection “Love Gratacós”.

Now her work has been awarded with the Silver ARTFAD prize for one her shawls “Subtil, un xal ritual” made with watercolours on natural silk organdie.


A spectacular design which we love and which is now on show in the Design Hub  - Plaza de las Glorias Catalanas, 37-38- until the 22nd October.

¡Congratulations Kima!

Monday 30 June 2014

Gratacós in the TV programme “Solo Moda”

Last Sunday on the 22nd June the Channel 1 TV programme “Solo Moda” broadcasted a documentary on Gratacós where they explained how and when this big adventure started. Our designer and stylist Rosa Pujol together with Juan Gratacóos talked about design, trends and character. 


Solo Moda is a new cultural spot presented by the model Nieves Álvarez, which aims to promote and publicize the fashion world both nationally and internationally. 

Gratacós would like to thank the programme for recognizing the effort, passion and eagerness we put into each and every one of our fabrics and our work.  From the very beginning this has become our world.  

Friday 27 June 2014

The 080 Barcelona Fashion show is back and we are going to celebrate it

Just like in the past editions, Gratacós is participating in this fashion week with activities and various incentives to promote creativity in a unique way.  Gratacós will also be present on the 080 Barcelona Week sponsoring two young designers in the fashion world.


Manuel Bolaño has been sponsored with our neoprene article.  An original and novel fabric which he has used to create his SS 2015 collection and which can be seen on his catwalk show in this edition July 2014.

We have also created synergies with the designer Brain&Beast.  He was one of the artists who designed 5 exclusive scarves for us, all inspired in his pop/rock music icons and which can be seen in the entry “Exclusive scarves Love Gratacós”.

Furthermore, in our shop in Paseo de Gracia, up until the 6th July, you can see three special shop windows which have been made up for this fashion week.

In one we have joined the initiative taken on by La Roca Village by participating with “A Fashion Window”.  This shop window is decorated under the theme Barcelona Designers Collective, an international project which aims to lend a hand to emerging talent.



The other two shop windows have been made up by Manuel Bolaño y Brain&Beast to show the synergies developed with Gratacós and dedicated to their participation in the 080 Barcelona Fashion event.



We hope to see you soon in our shop in Paseo de Gracia where you can see all the talent these two designers have to offer. We’ll see you there.

Monday 23 June 2014

Gratacós fabrics present in the coronation of the King Felipe VI

Yesterday it was the big news of the day, the event of the year and probably one of the most important historical acts in Spain.  And there we were watching all of it.  We are pleased to tell you that the dresses chosen by Leticia for the princesses were made with Gratacós fabrics.


The Asturian born designers Nieves García Torres and Teresa Fernández Castro were commissioned to make these dresses which were ordered just one week ago.  Two brocade styles made of natural silk and ¾ length sleeves.  Leonor was dressed in pale pink and Sofia in turquoise green.

Of course, we are delighted that our fabrics have been used to dress these two little dolls on such an important day.  One cannot deny they looked lovely.


Its things like this that motivate us to continue creating and enjoy our job like from the very beginning.

Thursday 19 June 2014

Celebrate International Yoga Day with us

Next Saturday 21st June in Paseo de Gracia at 12 noon we will celebrate International Yoga Day with Mariana Mendez.  The artist will carry out a performance in which she intends to show for the first time the work involved in the creative process of her designs.



During this performance, she will use an elastic fabric and a cubic loom that weaves yarn in three directions to represent the process of garment making.   Following this, the artist will carry out a Yoga demonstration to symbolize the energy in the human body needed to create Art.

According to the artist, “Yoga allows us to discern between what part of us is “energy” and what our “past” mind holds and when exercised daily that distinction can generate a connection with your creative potential”.




With this initiative, Gratacós aims to take part in the activities going on in the city to celebrate International Yoga Day.  By using a different perspective of design and fashion. together with this artist and creator who has grown and evolved in Gratacós in her line of support for new creators.

We hope to see you there and discover a new way of doing yoga together that will help us all discover our creativity.  Are you not curious to see what will happen?

Monday 16 June 2014

The new collection of scarves Love Gratacos are here

Last Thursday 12th June, we launched in our shop in Paseo de Gracia our new collection of scarves Love Gratacós, created exclusively for Gratacós by 4 different designers.  A different collection with the essence of each designer in each of their silk prints.


The presentation couldn’t have gone any better, the shop was full of people and the designers had the opportunity to present their collections and explain each and every one of their designs.  We had a great time and were very pleased with the result, we hope that all those that assisted also enjoyed it.

Ángel Vilda, designer of Brain&Beast, has created 5 different scarves inspired in 5 of his favourite pop-rock music artists using the names of their most famous singles.  Madonna, George Michael or Queen are some of legends which are mentioned.  Designs that will drive you crazy.


Kima Guitart, artist, designer and textile artisan inspired herself in 4 different concepts when creating her designs; The river of Life, Galaxies, Life and Encounters.  These scarves will make you feel the magic.


Lourdes Castro Cerón, is a painter of nature and this can be seen in the scarves collection with beautiful details such as Twilight or hidden spots in the East Lake , using pastel and weakened watercolours on paper.


The designer Ona Boix has created the collection using the name Variations, in which she represents musical patterns, repetitions and harmonies.   A structure of continual evolution.


Now that we have told you all about this collection,  all that is left to do is see it for yourselves and discover the intricacies of each and every one of these exclusive designs.   So, you can now see the collection of scarves Love Gratacós in our shop in Paseo de Gracia.  We hope to see you there.

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Schumacher, a brand with attitude

More than 20 years have passed since the German designer Dorothee Schumacher created this fashion brand with her own name and which is still today of great importance in the world of women’s fashion.  This success is perhaps down to the fact that they stayed true to the idea that started this project and that broke all the canons of fashion, establishing themselves as ambassadors of femininity. Today, we want to talk about their work and the trust they place in Gratacós for choosing our fabrics to manufacture their designs.


Dorothee S. is convinced that the true strength of a woman resides in her femininity.

She already transmitted this in her first collection in 1989 where she expressed the attitude and personality of each and every one of her designs, which is still present today.

This clothes brand started out making exclusive garments but gradually gained recognition and is now one of the German fashion companies with most charisma internationally.




For me the most important thing is that the customer feels that every piece in the collection has been designed exclusively for her”.

A statement which pleases all women who feel identified with the brand encouraging them to remain loyal to the style that defines them.



We are particularly enthusiastic about this brand because they have a very clear brand image.  They know their target audience and what strategies to follow. This gives them huge added value. For this reason we are honoured to be an important part of their creations.

When you feel fashion for real, it is reflected in your work.