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Friday 03 July 2015

Interview with Pedro Covelo


This week, as its 080 Barcelona Fashion, we had the pleasure of interviewing Pedro Covelo. A young fashion designer who originates from Galicia, but is now based in Barcelona. Thanks to his talent, effort and meticulous handiwork, he won the last edition of Modafad – the young creators fashion show. Consequentially he also won the scholarship given out by Gratacós in collaboration with this organization.


Do you remember the moment when you decided you were going to focus your career in fashion?

As I always say, I never decided anything at any particular moment. It was all progressive and I gradually got more and more involved. It is something I feel very at ease with.

From Vigo to Barcelona. What brought you to this city?

The truth is I have always liked Barcelona for its European movement and its design. It is a city which has a constant flow of people from all over the world, with projects and very interesting ideas. A city where you can get a learn lots of things if you know how to make the most of it.

Do you miss anything from your home town?

I have never been very nostalgic, I live the present and enjoy life every moment. If I was to mention anything, I would say living with my parents and not having to worry about anything related to my house.

Which icons have helped you develop your own style?

The way I see it, each person’s taste is created from millions of little inputs that you receive from all over. In terms of design, my top three are Prada, Anderson and the new Gucci.

Have you had any experiences that have marked your creative outlook?

I could tell you so many things that in the end it is the summary of the last 5 years in Barcelona, different people I have met and travelling.



Where do get the ideas for your collections? Which is the first step you take when creating them?

In my case, I usually start off from an image I have seen and I associate it to a concept which I have in mind at the time. Following that, I think of a final idea I would like to undertake, a fabric, the cut, the type of beauty, the essence of collection in general.

How important are the fabrics in your design? Do you have a preference for a specific one?

VERY IMPORTANT. And more so in my case, as the patterns are cleaner and without volume. The fabrics are what I experiment most with; printing, embroidering, combining them and using unusual fabrics in masculine fashion. I cannot say I have a preference for any particular one, as each collection breathes a different spirit, and has completely different fabrics and theme.

With which materials would you like to experiment in the future?

Now I am at a phase where I am interested in patchwork, mixing leather with other fabrics such as denim. However, as an idea for the long term future, I would say that my leitmotiv, in each collection is to try printing different fabrics with completely different textures and see how each one works. I find this very interesting.

If you could choose any place, where would you like to see your designs?

Amberes or Asia.

Can you give us anything away about your upcoming collection?

America, end of the sixties, country music sounds, the smell of earth and a bit of women.

Friday 19 June 2015

Attend the 080 Barcelona Fashion show with Gratacós!


Do you love fashion and would love to attend the fashion shows in the upcoming edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion? If so, Gratacós is giving away 5 double passes to attend Modafad – the fashion show for young creators. Want to take part?

To participate you just need to visit our Facebook site. You have until Thursday 25th June for a chance to win!

Wednesday 03 June 2015

Gratacós’ new premises in detail


Our new premises combine various activities under one roof. On the one hand, it is a retail sales point with an extensive showroom displaying the new collections to customers and industry professionals. Furthermore it has a space dedicated to promote experimentation and talent of students from various fashion schools in Barcelona.

The space is clear and unobstructed and has an industrial character. It is decorated and furnished in noble materials, reflecting our international vision and the values of creativity, spirit of improvement, innovation and passion for fabrics. We have on display three collections of fabrics simultaneously: the current season and the two upcoming ones.



The premises are split into two different ambiences. The ground floor is intended for retail sales, current season fabrics and customer service in general. Now, any customer who wishes to buy fabrics will be able to see the catalogues and available samples, choose amongst almost a thousand fabrics on display and process the order to later collect or receive by courrier.

The upper floor is dedicated to industry professionals and is where the upcoming collections are on show. In this multidisciplinary space, we also manage the online sales, support young creators, develop new proposals and display bridal fabrics.





Thursday 28 May 2015

Our new premises have hit the headlines

On Monday, 25th May we opened our new premises in Riera Sant Miquel nª9. This multidisciplinary space is not only a retail spot to sell fabrics, but also to see trends, experiment and support new design talents.

Various broadcasting organizations published the news. You will find below the most important articles. We thank the media for their cooperation and coverage of the event.



Featured in digital edition of  EFE Empresas 



Featured in paper and digital edition of  Expansión



Featured in digital edition of  La Vanguardia



Featured in digital edition of  La Razón


Captura de pantalla 2015-05-28 a la(s) 15.25.03

Featured in digital edition of  Modaes


Wednesday 13 May 2015

Gratacós is finalist in the National Fashion Awards

Gratacós has been chosen as a finalist to receive the National Fashion Award in the category of Leading Textile Industry, tanning and other raw materials. This category recognizes the importance of the manufacturing industry of all types of yarns, fabrics, leather and other raw materials.


This is now the second edition of the National Fashion Awards. An event organized by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism to recognize the merits of the Spanish Fashion Industry and vouch for the prestige of this sector. The finalists are those companies, individuals, institutions or organizations that have made a special effort to achieve entrepreneurial excellence in the sector.

The Committee of the Technical Evaluation of the National Fashion Award is made up of ten professional experts in Administration and Fashion Industry. The jury’s decision and award ceremony is to be convened and will take place before the summer.

Thursday 07 May 2015

Gratacós Barcelona Bridal


On Monday 4th May, we presented the Gratacós Barcelona Bridal grant to the winner of the second edition, Garazi Moraga Martin for her project Hummingbird. During the prize ceremony in the Hotel Majestic (Barcelona), Garazi Moraga received a cheque for 500€ to spend on Gratacós fabrics and 1000€ in cash.


For this edition, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with the Barcelona City Council who offered a contribution of 500€ for the grant. Furthermore, the moulage of the winning project will be exhibited in one of the main windows of the Hotel Majestic during the Barcelona Bridal Week.

This initiative has been developed in collaboration with the IED Barcelona school for their Advanced Continuous Training Programme in Bridal and Special Occasion Design. It forms part of our “Talent Plan”, a set of actions that aim to support emerging designers, impulse creativity and offer young talents training opportunities in the Fashion and Textile Industry.


Detalle moulage vestido novia



To conclude, allow us to make special mention to the members of jury that made up this second edition: Gloria Casacuberta (Gratacós), Carmen del Castillo (Gratacós), Emy Teruel (Wedding Planner and Manager of Exclusive Weddings), Aurora Segura (fashion journalist for La Vanguardia newspaper), Pilar Pasamontes (Scientific Director of IED and Vicepresident of ModaFAD Barcelona), Isabel Planas (in representation of Hotel Majestic) and Lourdes Sugranyes (Operative Manager for Promotion in the Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Activa – Area of Economy, Business and Employment.

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Gratacós attends the IX Fashion and Communication Seminar

Juan Gratacos, executive director of Gratacós, at IX. Fashion and Communication Seminar (Madrid)

Gratacós was present in the last edition of the Fashion and Communication Seminar that took place in the Traje Museum (Madrid). The seminar was hosted in cooperation with the Villanueva University (part of the the Madrid Computense University) and their degree in Communication and Fashion Management (CGM).

In this IX edition, Juan Gratacós, executive director of Gratacós, relayed the importance of the creation of fabrics as an element to differentiate oneself and also to bring value to the fashion industry:

“On the catwalks, you see the fashion show and the garment surrounded by glamour. In fabrics, however, you will never see the brand nor be able to appreciate it on an individual or collective level. We want people to recognize us, because the risk is that the industry is disappearing. We want to show the public that we make something as important as the fabric that make the clothes in our country. If we don’t, in the end, they will go somewhere else and look for it cheaper. We need to differentiate ourselves from the fabrics that come from abroad. We want the garment to have a differentiating value.”

You can read the full  interview with Juan Gratacós and the Communication and Fashion Management degree by clicking on the following link.

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Introducing “Unlimit”


Gratacós has the pleasure of introducing Unlimit, the fourth edition of forecast of trends and contrast-material inspirations for Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 by The Color Community.

The presentation will take place in Barcelona on the 24th April at 5pm in the Pau Gil conference room in the Hospital San Pau historic site (C/Sant Antoni Maria Claret 167). Participants include three members of The Color Community team: Gloria Jover, Pere Ortega and Rosa Pujol.

The Color Community is the result of four design professionals who got together to share in a cross cutting way the studio, their expertise and capture of colour. The team is led by Gloria Jover (designer and cool-hunter), Eva Muñoz (specialist in colour&trim), Pere Ortega (architect and teacher) and Rosa Pujol (stylist and textile designer).

The presentation of trends for upcoming seasons is an activity which is especially beneficial for young students studying fashion. Gratacós has been developing this twice a year since 2006.

Photo by The Color Community

On this occasion, a competition will be held amongst the design students attending the presentation. The winner will have the opportunity to participate in the next meeting of The Color Community; an important gathering where the forecast of colour range for the next season Spring/Summer 2017 will be decided. Those who want to take part in the competition must write a text explaining the reasons why they would like to participate and also what they can contribute to the meeting. The Gratacós and The Color Community teams will check through all the questionnaires and decide upon the winner.

We hope you can attend!

Monday 13 April 2015

GG Fashion Market

Gratacós has the great pleasure of collaborating with GG Fashion Market, one of the most important book fairs for fashion publications in Spanish. The event will take place on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th April at the headquarters of the publishing house Gustavo Gili (C/Rosselló 87-89, Barcelona).

The book fair will offer a wide variety of publications that analyze the industry of fashion from various sectors: design, pattern, illustration, marketing, history and sociology. All the books on sale will benefit from a 10% discount.

As has become customary in past editions, this year the competition GGmoda will also be held for fashion students. The common theme of this edition is sustainable fashion with publications such as: “Moda ética para un futuro sostenible” (Ethical fashion for a sustainable future) by Elena Salcedo, and “Moda sostenible” (Sustainable Fashion) by Alison Gwilt.

The jury is made up by Gloria Casacuberta (responsable for communication for the Gratacós shop) acting as president with the participation of Fiona Capdevila (textile artisan and founding member of the Association of Sustainable Fashion in Barcelona), Charo Mora (fashion journalist) and Carmen H. Bordas (fashion editor for GG). The winner will be announced Thursday 16th at 7pm.


The 10 participating schools: 7 from Barcelona, 1 from Sabadell, 1 from Palma de Mallorca and 1 from Valencia, will exhibit their designs in the hall of the publishing house during the GG Fashion market. Furthermore, as part of the prize, the winning designs will be exhibited in our new space opening shortly in Riera Sant Miquel (Gràcia).

Amongst the novelties this edition we mention the Student Market. An outdoor market which will be set up in front of the publishing house headquarters, where design students can sell their creations. For more information, you can visit the following link for the Gustavo Gili website.

Thursday 02 April 2015

Moritz Feed Dog: Documentary Cinema about fashion, in Barcelona.

The world of fashion is in luck and we are more than delighted with this initiative. It is the first Film Festival documentary about fashion taking place in Barcelona the upcoming month of May, on the 15th, 16th and 17th in the Aribau multicines.


Moritz Feed Festival is an initiative impulsed by the brand of beer who, together with the Charo Mora coordination have launched this first project which aims to offer a programme in which the cinematographic quality of each and every one of its productions prevails.

Apart from perceiving fashion as a cultural expression, this festival hosts and exhibits a dozen documentaries about fashion and various premieres with the objective of showing the audience the richness and complexity of fashion as a phenomenon and as a reflection of society and its history.

In Gratacós, we have noted the dates in our diary and we will be sure not miss it, following up on each and every one of the steps that will be taken in this first edition of the Festival, and in many other editions.

We will tell you about our experience then.