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Thursday 27 November 2014

Participate in the draw for a double invitation for the The Shopping Night Barcelona

For the 5th year running it is time for one of the most awaited for nights in our city. The Shopping Night Barcelona. This year, the night will be full of glamour and Paseo de Gracia will be transformed into a huge cinema set to recall The Golden Age of Hollywood. As we do not want you to miss out, we are holding a draw for 4 double passes.

If you have attended The Shopping Night Barcelona on past occasions, you will know that it is a big event dedicated to culture, the fashion world, design, fine dining and tourism within the city. We want you to enjoy it with whoever takes your fancy.

How to participate in the draw?

  1. Become a fan of our page in Facebook.
  2. Write a comment (here) with an answer to the question we are asking.
  3. Cross your fingers, you are about to win a double pass.

You can participate until Tuesday 2nd December at 2pm. That very afternoon, we will publish the name of the 4 winners on our blog and social networks.

Good luck to all of you!

Friday 21 November 2014

The Gratacós shop is moving

Times of change are upon us. A time to embark on a new adventure and bet it all on a new space adapted to the textile sector in the 21st Century. This is why we have taken a step forward and after 75 years in Paseo de Gracia 110, we are moving to a new and different space that fits the needs of our current customers much better and also our needs as a textile company.


We have spent many wonderful years in this historical place in Barcelona, which has felt like a home and has left us many unforgettable moments. Our objective now is to create a much warmer and welcoming space, but offer the same personalized assistance to each and every one our customers.

This new location in Barcelona will merge wholesale and retail trade, expositions, workshops and welcome new talents all in one Fashion Space.   An opportunity not only for us, but also for many other people and artists dedicated to the fashion industry doing what we most like; giving shape to our fabrics.


On the 4th December Shopping Night Barcelona takes place. This will be the last day we open our shop in Paseo de Gracia, and we will make the most of this night to celebrate our farewell.

From this date onwards, you can find us in Pau Claris 162 where we will open a pop up store to tie us over until we open the new establishment, which we will inform you about later on.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you in our shop in Paseo de Gracia where you are very welcome, as always.

Tuesday 11 November 2014

New shop window display in the Gratacós shop

You can now see our new shop window on display in the Gratacós shop. We are delighted with the result of the new designs, which will be on show until the 3rd December.


We have taken the opportunity to display fabrics from the Autumn-Winter 2015 season and to present some of the most outstanding accessories which can be found inside our shop.

Like the new collection of V73 bags.



Or the scarves that Gratacós have launched every season with different designs and themes.


If you feel like paying us a visit, please do so in Paseo de Gracia 110 and tell us what you think of our new shop window.






Remember it will be on display until the 3rd December only, as from the 4th we will have a new display in mark of the celebration for the Barcelona Shopping Night.

Are you as excited as we are?

Friday 24 October 2014

Premiere Vision Shanghai 2014

A few days ago we were at the Premiere Vison Shanghai fair exhibiting the new Gratacós designs and fabrics for the upcoming season. It has been a positive experience and we are back with a good feeling about it.


The Shanghai fair is one of the most important fairs for us when it comes to international business. It is a means of entry into China and it helps us be present in one of the most emerging countries of the moment.

An opportunity to continue opening doors to a very important market in which fashion and design is becoming consolidated day by day. And we want to continue being present there.


Shanghai is a vibrant city, full of curiosities and very diverse people who offer us different visions and inspire us to continue developing our designs and offer new things to the fashion market.

In Gratacós we always like to hold on to the good things of every fair and place we visit. This is why we hope to continue travelling a lot more.

We will leave you with some images of our visit to Shanghai.









Tuesday 21 October 2014

Óscar de la Renta

Just a few days ago Oscar de la Renta announced that he was recruiting Petter Copping as the new creative director of the brand. Today, news of his passing away leaves the fashion world orphan and has left us all concerned.

He has spent the last 8 years been fighting against cancer but after many battles, it finally won. Nevertheless, it never got the better of him. It did not stop him from doing what he loved, dressing up women.  

“I learn from the women I dress. It is extraordinary what has happened to the woman in the last 40 years, it’s incredible. I feel proud to have witnessed their progress and am lucky to be part of that movement which allows me to understand the power of today’s woman.”

Today, the fashion world mournes their loss. One of the top talents who transformed for decades the image of women in fashion has left us. But we are lucky that we can enjoy the legacy and continue what he started one day.

From Gratacós, all we can say is thank you.

Friday 03 October 2014

Fashion coworking in Barcelona

A space you will love once we tell you all about it.  We have not had a chance to see it yet with our own eyes, but from what we have read about it so far, we are fascinated by this project.  An initiative that promotes independent fashion, allows young designers to bear their talent and encourages them do something more in the world of fashion.


We are talking about Moda 22.

A project rocked by one family’s wish to keep evolving, and not reach a standstill in what has been till now their main occupation, the production of their own collection and import of luxury foreign brands.  When the economic decline began, they took the opportunity to grow.  And they could not have done it better.



Moda 22 is a coworking space for fashion designers which has opened up on one of the floor buildings of the very company – number 22 in the Poble Nou district in Barcelona-.  Here, young entrepreneurs can produce their designs and take advantage of all the machinery and facilities that the place has to offer,  saving time, space and resources.



A new form of cooperation that encourages sustainability, national production and ethical fashion locally.   Often the young designers use ecological and end of line fabrics which provides an impulse.

An idea with entrepreneurial spirit that fascinates us and gives a little push to all those who have not been able to make their dream come true till now.

We hope to give you shortly a lot more news on Moda 22.

Thursday 25 September 2014

Scarves inspired in bird wings

We cannot deny that we love scarves. Especially those designs that oozecreativity and good taste. This is why we want to share with you the designs made by Roza Khamitova. This young designer gets her inspiration from birds to create these scarves by hand.  


Exotic colours, brushstrokes and designs which are perfectly made to the smallest detail. This fashion designer resident in Melbourne – Australia – has captivated us with these flamboyant bird wings which gives us the opportunity to take off in a creative way.

There is a wide variety of designs, inspired in numerous and different birds which make each and every one of her scarves a work of art worthy to be worn by any woman.

On her online shop – Shovava – you can see all the models she has created.



Furthermore she makes her designs using natural fibres – mainly cotton – antiallergic and even recyclable. A good way to help the environment.

We are fascinated by this designers work and from what we have seen so far, it seems that these wings will fly high.

Friday 19 September 2014

A shop window for all the senses

Art, fashion, fabrics and lots of imagination is what can be found in the design of our new shop windows in the Gratacós shop in Paseo de Gracia.  The shop window designer Antonio Iglesias has put together various pieces to achieve an interpretation of reading.


The background of the shop window has been decorated by the artist Mariana Méndez.  Her drawings make reference to the 5 senses.  These drawings are complemented perfectly with the designs Teresa Helbig has used to dress the mannequins.




A joint effort of work that implements Antonio Iglesias’ idea of representing reading as a way of plunging our senses into new written stories.



Monday 15 September 2014

Back to Premiere Vision Paris

Each season, each design and each new fabric that forms part of a collection is a challenge that we must present to the fashion world and Premiere Vision Paris has always been a perfect shop window.  So, suitcase in hand we are going to la Cite de l’Amour from the 16th to the 18th September to continue our work.


This time, with something new to celebrate, because this is now the 30th edition since we first went to this fashion fair in Paris in February 2000.  14 years of memories and expectations which, like good wine, has helped us improve with time.


Furthermore, this year, the Gratacós stand is situated in one of the best areas in Premiere Vision, the entrance to Hall 5.  A location where all visitors pass by, which gives us the advantage that they don’t have to look all around the fair to find us.

We will be there in our finest clothes and our expert team will attend the needs and worries of all those visitors who come to see our fabrics.  Because Premiere Vision Paris is a key fair which marks the beginning of the season and we are going to take advantage of it.

We will tell you all about it on our return from Premiere Vision París.

Wednesday 10 September 2014

New collection of Gratacós Fabrics

We have everything ready and we are set to present our new collection of Gratacós fabrics for the Autumn Winter 2014/15 season.  Lively colors and prints that will brighten up these cold winter months.  The warmth of our fabrics is here to stay and we want you to enjoy them as from day one.


Furthermore, if you are curious to know what we have prepared for next year, you can see a preview on our website of the fabrics that will set trends next season Spring-Summer 2015.  A collection of subtlety between light and colour in which the senses become the main character.


You can also see details of the fabrics we are working on for the upcoming season Autumn Winter 2015/16.  It may seem a bit far off, but we can tell you that it will be a unique collection made from a singular vision with an intimate and personal beauty.


If you want to find out more, you can visit us in the Gratacós shop in Paseo de Gracia where we can show you many more details.  We love what we do and we want you to see it.