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Security during purchase

In order to guarantee maximum security during the buying process, Gratacós uses a secure payment system online. It is completely safe to pay using credit card. We can offer different payment methods. You will see below all the information required for the various payment methods in Gratacós:

Completely secure payments:

1. We do not save credit card details for payments. This personal data is sent direct to the banks we work with, without us being able to access it.

2. When we transmit the data to the bank, we use encrypted technology. This allows all the requested personal data, such as name, address or credit card number to be transmitted in a completely secure way in one transaction.

Gratacós reserves the right to retain any order for security purposes and if this occurs the affected customer will be informed.  We also reserve the right to cancel the order if we cannot verify the delivery and invoicing information or if we consider that the buyers aim is to resell.


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